“Boxing Day is a holiday originally dedicated to providing gifts and charity to lower-income workers and impoverished people.”

“The precise history of Boxing Day isn’t quite clear, but it’s believed to have begun after aristocrats “boxed up” gifts, Christmas dinner leftovers and money to their household staff and workers. Another theory is that the name stems from boxes of alms inside churches that collected donations for charity during Advent and distributed the funds on Dec. 26 (similar to Giving Tuesday stateside). Some also link Boxing Day to the Christmas carol “The Good King Wenceslas,” which tells the tale of the royal giving firewood, food and gifts to a poor man during a blizzard. It’s unknown exactly when Boxing Day was first recognized, but the first printed mention of it is reportedly in Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers.”
(Source: https://parade.com/1097517/jessicasager/what-is-boxing-day/)

North Hills Cares celebrates Boxing Day every December 26th with a busy day of prepping, packing, and distributing large boxes of essentials–such as bread, cereal, eggs, fresh produce, and more–to families in need.