Even though we haven’t been around for a long time, North Hills Cares already has victories to celebrate.

2020 Summer Lunch Program

We held our Summer Lunch Program from June 1st to August 21st and it was a huge success! Thank you to all of our volunteers who made it possible! We made over 22,000 meals for children across our community!



Boxing Day

On December 26, 2019, North Hills Cares provided boxes of food to help families with breakfast and lunch for their children during the holiday break.  Twenty three  families took advantage of the program and were provided with perishable and non-perishable food items, such as milk, bread, cheese, eggs, cereal, and peanut butter.



North Hills Cares Summer Lunch Program

In 2019, North Hills Cares organized the community’s first-ever summer lunch program, serving a total of more than 1200 meals. Programs like this help families replace the free or low-cost meals served at school. Meals were served weekdays from June through August to over 60 children. All the meals were prepared by volunteers using fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables and other ingredients.


Resources for Our Schools

North Hills Cares initiatives may be directed to an entire group, or to an individual situation referred to us by school personnel.

North Hills high school students who cannot afford expensive ($125) “graphing” calculators needed for advanced math and science classes and the AP, SAT, ACT and Keystone Exams will now have access to them.  North Hills Cares purchased 10 new calculators and refurbished 8 donated calculators that students will be able to check out of the NHHS library.  Do you have a Texas Instruments TI-84 model or newer graphing calculator you no longer need?  Please contact us at NorthHillsCaresinc@gmail.comto donate your calculator.

NHC Calculator Drop Off Aug 2018 (2)
Donated Calculators to NH Senior High School

Did you know that students who attend A.W. Beattie Career Center have to supply their own tools for their programs?  This can be a barrier to them pursuing a career in one of the school’s majors.  For example, a cosmetology kit costs over $300; Automotive Technology tools cost $200.  North Hills Cares was able to purchase a kit for a student who wanted to attend Beattie for cosmetology but could not afford the required equipment.  We expect to continue supporting Beattie students as need expands.

North Hills Cares supports the “Care Closets” at North Hills elementary schools.  These closets, located in the health office, have clothing, toiletries and personal care items available to any student in need.

Little Free Pantry

The pantry is located at the corner of Center Ave. and Perry Highway, in West View in the parking lot to the right of Scholl’s Bike shop (which graciously allowed North Hills Cares to place it on their property).  The pantry operates on a “take what you need, give what you can” philosophy.  People in need of emergency food and toiletries can take them for free from the pantry, and neighbors who have items to give can help re-stock.  Stop by and check it out, and look for another Free Pantry coming soon!


Community College of Allegheny County Partnership

North Hills Cares sponsored a Pop-Up Produce Stand during fall 2018 for students, allowing them to prepare healthy meals including fresh fruits and vegetables for their families.  Thanks to Mazur Farms for partnering with us.


In the spring North Hills Cares plans to connect CCAC North with resources to help students start and grow their own fresh produce garden, utilizing the school’s greenhouse and garden space.

North Hills Cares also partnered with the CCAC North Campus to stock the school’s pantry with toiletries and school supplies.  A generous donation drive by our partner ECHO Realty generated $750 worth of these items.


Individual Referrals

Although North Hills Cares cannot take requests for help directly from individuals, we do have situations in which a principal or a counselor can make a request on behalf of a student.  We can’t share many details in order to protect the families’ privacy, but these are a few examples.

At the request of one suburban school administrator, North Hills Cares paid for two summer school courses needed to graduate, for a senior facing difficult circumstances.  The student earned all A’s, graduated, and is deciding on future pursuits. Did you know?  Students who attend summer school have to pay for those classes.  Did you know: one summer school class can cost up to $500 depending on the school district.

North Hills Cares was able to help a single mother of five recently placed in our area by Social Services who desperately needed clothes so that her kids could attend school.  We were able to deliver a bag new clothes, pajamas, a jacket and other items for each child within 24 hours.

Fun and Friends

North Hills Cares organized a weekly summer day camp at Christ Episcopal Church in Ross in 2018 for English as a Second Language elementary students in the North Hills School district. Children came together for story-time, crafts and playtime that allowed them to practice their English speaking, listening and reading skills in the friendly context of other children who are also learning to communicate in a new language.  During the camp, their parents had a chance to network.

ESL Camp at Christ Church

Summer Bookmobile

North Hills Cares funded the Allegheny County Library Services Bookmobile to visit West View and Highcliff Elementary School during summer 2018. Children and their families in the nearby neighborhoods were encouraged to check out books, which allowed our kids to keep up and improve their reading skills during summer break.

Bookmobile at West View Elementary