North Hills Cares has provided everything from children’s clothing and shoes to basic household goods for families in need, working with social services and school counselors.

Individual Referrals

Although North Hills Cares cannot take requests for help directly from individuals, we do have situations in which a principal or a counselor can make a request on behalf of a student.  We can’t share many details in order to protect the families’ privacy, but these are a few examples.

At the request of one suburban school administrator, North Hills Cares paid for two summer school courses needed to graduate, for a senior facing difficult circumstances.  The student earned all A’s, graduated, and is deciding on future pursuits. Did you know?  Students who attend summer school have to pay for those classes.  Did you know: one summer school class can cost up to $500 depending on the school district.

North Hills Cares was able to help a single mother of five recently placed in our area by Social Services who desperately needed clothes so that her kids could attend school.  We were able to deliver a bag new clothes, pajamas, a jacket and other items for each child within 24 hours.