Little Free Food Pantries

We have installed three of these free-standing pantries, which operate on a “take what you need, leave what you can” philosophy, helping neighbors who need emergency food.

The original pantry is located at the corner of Center Ave. and Perry Highway in West View in the parking lot to the right of Scholl’s Bike shop (which graciously allowed North Hills Cares to place it on their property). People in need of emergency food and toiletries can take them for free from the pantry, and neighbors who have items to give can help re-stock.  Stop by and check it out, and look for our other free pantries!

Backpack Initiative

We collect and provide non-perishable food items for school students to take-home to their families. This program is as private as possible for the children and families’ confidentiality. A school employee goes around the school and places the bags of food into the students’ lockers. These students know that this food is meant to go home with them in their backpacks.

Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) Partnership

North Hills Cares has sponsored Pop-Up Produce Stands for students at the CCAC North Campus, allowing them to prepare healthy meals that include fresh fruits and vegetables for their families. 

North Hills Cares also partnered with the CCAC North Campus to stock the school’s pantry with toiletries and school supplies.  A generous donation drive by our partner ECHO Realty generated $750 worth of these items.